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PolarDAM™ Air Dam Foam


PolarDAM™ Air Dam Foam Features:

Energy Efficient
PolarDAM™ Air Dam Foam maximizes air conditioning by keeping cooling air where it belongs. It is a versatile tool for assuring containment of cold air.

PolarDAM's self-forming foam conforms to any area where it is inserted, blocking cold air from escaping into open spaces. The foam sheets are scored into a "tear-to-size" perforated 1"x1" grid so they can be easily separated along the perforations to make any size or shape needed. PolarDAM™ Air Dam Foam sheets are 24" x 24" and 2 inches tall and each box has six sheets, or 24 square feet of foam.

Data Center Safe
The PolarDAM™ Air Dam Foam is fire retardant and meets the UL-94-HF-1 rating. It also has stable physical properties and retains its integrity over time. 


Mainline can provide a detailed plan to address your particular requirements.  For assistance on your Data Center Project call Mainline Computer Products toll free at: (800) 686-5312 or Email: sales@MainlineComputer.com.


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