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Liebert Service and Support


Liebert Services and Support

Liebert Service and Support 

Liebert’s globally-renowned service and support network ensures that everyone who evaluates, uses and deploys our solutions gets their questions answered—at any time, from anywhere.

Emerson Network Power Services Is The Total Solution

Emerson Network Power Services can provide service capability for your entire facility infrastructure: from AC and DC power and battery system service solutions to environmental services.

Equipment-Based Services

Emergency Response and  Repair

Unexpected failures can pose serious hazards with potentially devastating effects. Whatever the issue, from large-scale disasters to small-scale technical problems, we know that critical-infrastructure management demands a prompt and experienced response – and, most importantly, an actual voice at the other end of the line. From damage assessment and inspection to equipment repair, refurbishment and replacement, Emerson Network Power ensures a quick, safe and reliable return to operation

Equipment Upgrades /   Replacements / Retrofits

Replacing life limited components before they age to the point of significant probability for failure provides a much more reliable approach to achieving long service life for your critical systems. Waiting to replace components can lead to unplanned downtime.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is a window into the future of your equipment’s performance. Emerson can help you identify when a failure may occur so you can plan an outage instead of dealing with an unexpected failure. This information is essential in making the best use of your maintenance dollars.

Preventive Maintenance

A regular preventive maintenance program from Emerson Network Power ensures maximum reliability of data center equipment by providing systematic inspections, detection, and correction of incipient failures — either before they occur or before they develop into major defects that could translate into costly downtime

Remote Monitoring

Emerson Network Power is your total data center monitoring solution.  A proven and reliable means to know the health and status of your critical equipment.  From simple alarm notification and customer escalation to proactive diagnostics, Emerson’s remote monitoring captures critical system data and turns it into action.

Startup Services

Get your startup services straight from the manufacturer.

When launching new facilities or powering up new equipment you want to do it right—right from the start.  Once your equipment is installed, we will turn it on the first time, to ensure that everything is set up correctly for your data center.


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