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Infinity® Universal Air Grate


Infinity® Universal Air Grate Features:

Infinity® Universal Air Grate - total compatibility - guaranteed fit!

Infinity® is guaranteed to fit into your floor system. Eliminate the frustrations associated with finding replacement tiles or having something modified or custom built. What sets this high performance air grate apart from all others is its ability to adapt into both wood core and welded steel raised computer floor systems. Regardless of age or brand manufacturer, the Infinity® Air Grate fits into virtually every raised floor system ever produced (U.S. imperial standard 24" x 24" modular size). 

Adapts in seconds - no tools required

Infinity® was the first to introduce a universal air grate to the market with high performance air cooling and adaptability between wood core and steel panel systems WITHOUT TOOLS OR COSTLY MODIFICATIONS. This can significantly reduce the high cost of skilled labor when multiple systems are used within the same facility or co-locations.

The Vented Floor Panel that Puts a Freeze on Cold Aisles

The Infinity Air Grate is a heavy duty 24" x 24" perforated steel floor panel that can adapt into virtually every access floor system ever made. With a massive 55% open area, the Infinity Air Grate delivers over three times the cold air flow of other perforated panels along with the strength to support a static load of 1,500lb.

A durable, epoxy white powder coat finish is standard on all Infinity Air Grates. It provides a long-wearing, corrosion-resistant finish to ensure years of outstanding service. Quad Damper Plates (patented) "flex" into place for easy control/ shut off of air volume static pressure and in other applications where full flow capacity of the Infinity Air Grate is not required.

Why Choose Infinity High Flow Air Grate?

  • Available in 55% and 66% Open Area - Delivers more than twice the cold air volume as ordinary 25% perforated panels
  • Greater cool air volume lowers LO-MID-HI server inlet temps for improved energy efficiency
  • Universally adapts into just about any raised floor system ever made
  • Flush-fit installation with existing floor (adjusts to a thickness of 1" to 1 - 11/16")
  • Weighs under 28 lbs, making it lighter and easier to manage in the data center
  • Low maintenance - Rugged welded steel panel with durable conductive epoxy finish
  • Built-in, self-retracting easy lift handle
  • Static load options of 1,250lb and 1500lb, ultimate load capacity of 4000lb
  • Patented Quad Damper Kit flexes into place and installs in seconds for quick control balance of air volume (sold separately)

Mainline can provide a detailed plan to address your particular requirements.  For assistance on your Data Center Project call Mainline Computer Products toll free at: (800) 686-5312 or Email: sales@MainlineComputer.com.


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