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Expandable Filler Panels


Expandable Filler Panels Features:

Do you need to remove a rack from your data center for maintenance? Close that gap with AirBlock Expandable Filler Panels from Simplex. EFPs are designed to fill space between racks, power units, columns or other gaps in your data center where air can escape, reducing the effectiveness of your cooling efforts. These panels install quickly as permanent or temporary fillers for missing or removed racks.


  • These stylish, attractive panels maintain that professional look in your data center.
  • Constructed from Class 1 fire-rated, 1/8" thick aluminum-skinned composite material for rigidity and durability.
  • Panels have a two-inch flange on either side. The magnetic seals hold tight to the cabinets. No need for mechanical fasteners.
  • Adjustable panel allows you to change panel width to fit any space.
  • Stock panels are available in five different adjustable widths, from 6.5 inches to 56 inches.
  • Individual panels can be joined together to fit larger gaps.
  • Standard height is 84 inches. Custom heights are available.
  • Stock color is semi-gloss black. Custom colors are available.


  • A quick solution to sealing off gaps in your data center when racks must be removed.
  • EFP panels can also be used when you have to open up space to move equipment.
  • EFP panels store easily. Purchase a supply and have them on hand for when you need them.


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