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CoolCube 12 Spot Cooler

ccube.jpgWith a revolutionary modular design that easily adapts to virtually any application, the CoolCube 12 is the only air conditioning solution in the industry that changes to fit your individual needs. Simply by adding the respective accessory kit, the compact, 12,000 Btu/hr module can be rack mounted, hung from the ceiling, stacked for capacity or redundancy, or used as a stand-alone portable unit. Measuring just 17.25" x 24" x 19"(W x D x H), the unit is 50 percent smaller than the leading competitor, making it an ideal solution for computer room cooling, server closets and other areas that require space saving spot cooling alternatives. A wide variety of accessories and factory installed options are available for the CoolCube12 allowing for improved performance and added versatility. 

◦Unique modular design enables users to add capacity simply by stacking units 
◦Compact unit is 50 percent smaller than leading competitor 
◦Rack mounting capability conserves rack space 
◦Hanging option (above floor or in a drop ceiling) conserves floor space 
◦Provides cost effective, mobile and efficient spot cooling 
◦UL, cUL listing 
◦Limited one year warranty 

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