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Black Box ClimateCab™

Air Conditioned Server Cabinets


Climate-controlled protection enables you to install servers and other IT equipment without additional cooling or costly infrastructure..

The ClimateCab NEMA 12 Cabinet is your answer when you need to house servers or IT equipment but don’t have a cooling infrastructure in place. In smaller installations, you can save thousands by using a ClimateCab cabinet instead of installing a complete data center with a custom cooling system and raised floors.
ClimateCab is sealed against dripping water and dust, too. Sealed cable entries prevent air exchange. The digitally controlled air-conditioning unit (included) keeps your equipment comfortably cool. Just install your equipment, plug in the AC unit, and you have a complete, self-contained, self-supporting data center.
The air-conditioning unit helps to control the temperature inside your ClimateCab by removing the heat buildup created by hot network devices. This unit uses closed-loop cooling in which the clean air inside the cabinet is kept separate from the ambient air to protect delicate components from humidity, dust, and other contaminants.
The AC mounts in the side of the cabinet in minutes with eight bolts and can easily be installed by one or two people. Mounting hardware, gaskets, and instructions are included.
  • Ideal for indoor use when you need to keep your servers outside a climate-controlled data center.

Mainline can provide a detailed plan to address your particular requirements.  For assistance on your Data Center Project call Mainline Computer Products for a Free Consultation & Quote toll free at: (800) 686-5312 or Email: Sales@MainlineComputer.com.


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