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Air-Guard® Cable Seal Products


Air-Guard® Cable Seal Features:

The Air-Guard® Cable Seal product line, is a line of products designed to seal access hole required for cable routing through the data center floor. 
An immediate energy savings benefit is realized by using the Air-Guard Cable Seal products. These products significantly minimize cool air loss, while improving the static pressure to effectively cool data center equipment, which helps prevent expensive electrical equipment from overheating.

Airflow managment, the preventing of cold and hot air mixing in a data center, is the most common way to increase a data center's energy efficiency while increasing its cooling capacity.  Installing brush grommets on a data centers raised floor to conceal the holes created by power and network data cables is an airflow management best practice.

Products available:

• Air-Guard Flush Mount
• Air-Guard Safety Cover
• Air-Guard Extreme
• Air-Guard Brat
• Air-Guard Surface Mount
• Air-Adapt
• Air-Guard Brush Kits
• Air-Blocks

Use an Air-Guard Cable Seal product as a simple, inexpensive option to promote more efficient cooling of your data center.

Mainline can provide a detailed plan to address your particular requirements.  For assistance on your Data Center Project call Mainline Computer Products toll free at: (800) 686-5312 or Email: sales@MainlineComputer.com.


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