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Keep racks  and servers cooler avoid hot spots with better air flow management as part of a cold aisle containment system utilizing Air-Guard Air Block

The Air-Block is a heavy duty  floor grommet made with an integrated EDPM gasket material for sealing around cables going through access flooring. This controls bypass air by forming an airtight seal around cables, helping to eliminate air leakage in under-floor air installations of data centers and mission critical facilities.

  • Mechanically locks  in the access floor panel via two toggle screws located on the top surface of the grommet. Exposed screws are finished with a plug cap that matches the grommet surface.
  • Grommets split into two sections for easy installation, making installation quicker and easier; no fishing cables through the grommet (see installation details).
  • Engineered safety cover eliminates job site safety issues and protects cable and gasket area when the grommet is not in use.
  • The grommet is constructed from engineered fireproof materials.
  • Includes mounting hardware and installation instructions.

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